X-Tough Guide Bar 32″ .404″ .063″ 95DL | Large Bar Mount

Husqvarna X-TOUGH RSN (Replaceable Sprocket Nose) bars are our toughest sprocket nose bars. Thanks to the design, characterized by a solid steel body with increased rail hardness and the optimized oil hole, the maintenance effort is reduced, and high productivity can be achieved. The load is transferred to the high-quality roller bearing with supporting shields, resulting in less friction and prolonged lifetime. The robust and patented RSN shape and the triple-rivet mount offers high durability and makes the bar less sensitive to abuse. Replacement tip is available as a spare part.

SKU: 5966900-95
$ 253.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


Style and sizes
Bar length (inch) 32 in
Gauge 1.6 mm
Pitch .404″
Size 32

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