Brush – suits R322TAWD

Rotating broom for sweeping up gravel and leaves. Can be angled to either side. The broom includes a spray guard. Working width 105cm. Suits R322TAWD.

SKU: 5870246-01
$ 6,350.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


Base machine, height 98.5 cm
Base machine, length 99.6 cm
Base machine, width 116.5 cm
Gear ratio 7:1
Height adjustment 0 steps
Packaged weight 57.1 kg
Rotational speed (min/max) max 280 rpm
Rotational speed (min/max) min 280 rpm
Weight 50.4 kg
Working width 105 cm
Working width from 99.9 cm
Working width to 105 cm